Today’s Doodle

May 13, 2008

The Writer At His Cafe

As you can see, this is a doodle dating from February, 1996. I did it on the back of a 9″ x 12″ pad of 2-ply plate finish Bristol, which is “excellent,” the manufacturer claims, for “pencil, ink, & airbrush.” In this case I used ink but ignored the high-quality drawing paper and went for the cheap packaging instead. That, in a nutshell, speaks to the fun of doodling: Anything that pops into your mind, anytime, and executed on any handy surface. (I always prefer the fresh liveliness of my sketches and doodles compared to what seems to me the staid stiffness of the finished work.)

A few minutes ago it occurred to me to add the “thought balloon.” (I used the Photoshop program I keep handy and which I claim is excellent for electronic doodling.) When I finally think of something clever to doodle into that balloon—an image or some words—I’ll add it, and share it later with you. Meanwhile, I’m interested in what you think. Is the writer thinking about something he’s written, or a love note that he’s composing as we watch, or something else altogether? An image of a woman who has just left him, perhaps? An elephant? Whatever. (I’ll show you my doodle if you’ll show me yours.) Submit your idea in the comment section below, which will constitute your permission to publish it, with all due credit of course, and with my heartfelt thanks. Copyright © 2008 Jim Sizemore.