Today’s Doodle

May 21, 2008

Most of my doodles, I believe, are lighthearted, even silly, but this one is an exception. As with most of my jottings I have no idea what was going on in my head when I did this back in 2004, one lonely Sunday afternoon while watching television, but the fact that I had recently ended the relationship that I had hoped would see me through to the final bell, may provide a clue to the origins of its content. I do remember that I wasn’t thinking in terms of a sequence, just individual doodles, so it was a surprise when I noticed that it had become a little story, nonsensical to me at the time, but a story nevertheless. And I like how the overall design came out, and the way the “narrative,” if you are generous enough to call it that, slowly builds to what was for me the interesting shock of the final “punch” panel. Copyright © 2008 Jim Sizemore.