What, HIM Worry?

The above poster for Rick Parker’s cartoon art exhibit and studio tour Sunday, June 1, reminds me—in a very positive creepy way—of someone I saw a lot of back in the 1950s. He appeared just about every week on a magazine cover and I was always one of the first kids in line at the corner candy store to get my copy, fresh off the press—or out of the crypt, or wherever. Perhaps you know the old friend I’m talking about. If you’re anywhere near South Orange this Sunday don’t miss Rick’s show—it promises to be scary cool and very funny.

2 Responses to What, HIM Worry?

  1. Rick Parker says:

    Thanks for your support, Jim. Actually I see what you mean…it does look a bit like the young Senator from Massachusettes, the late President John F. Kennedy. If I had to guess, I think it may have been inspired by Milton Glaser’s Dylan 1960’s Poster and Gahan Wilson’s approach to drawing. Who can say where these things come from? Gahan Wilson is one of America’s treasures.

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks for the comment, Rick. Note that I corrected the spelling error of “crypt” in the caption, which was pointed out to me by a friend. I’m slowly attracting a full time staff of unpaid copy editors, and I sure as hell need them.

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