Mr. Five

On May 17, soon after I started this blog, and in response to a request I made for reader doodle submissions, I received one by cartoonist Rick Parker depicting a Schrek-like figure up to his chest in liquid and holding a sign with the number 9 on it. In his note Rick explained that his idea while doodling the image was to imagine what a number would look like if it were a person. Clever concept, I thought. Loved the image and posted it. A bit later Rick sent along the number 5 guy, above. I think he’s even cuter than Mr. 9. You don’t have to be a professional like Rick to have a favorite doodle published on my blog. Just send the doodle to me attached to an email. Anyone? My email address is:

Rick Parker is a hyper-talented professional cartoonist best known as the artist of MTV’s Beavis and Butt-Head Comic Book. He was also on staff at Marvel Comics for many years and did lettering and production work in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Currently, he’s drawing the Introductory pages featuring the “Old Witch,” “The Vault Keeper “and “The Crypt Keeper” for Jim Salicrup’s new release of Tales From The Crypt, published by PaperCutz. Rick also teaches comic art in the New Jersey public and private school systems and has conducted classes in comic strip creation and seminars at the Newark Museum. You can see examples of his professional work by clicking on his link in the “Blogroll” or “Cartoons” sidebar boxes.

4 Responses to Mr. Five

  1. Rick Parker says:

    Thanks, Jim. Great site! But, I think that’s the first time anyone ever described my work as “cute”. Hmmmm…. I’ll take it as a compliment! Okay,…C’mon, kids, send Jim your doodles! After all he is the master and you WILL worship him…..

  2. Jim says:

    O.K., I’ll admit that my idea of “cute” is a bit perverse . . . but that just means I have a cartoonish sort of mind.

  3. Rick Parker says:

    Note the date 1992. Sixteen years ago. I wish I could doodle with this kind of insanity now…I guess it just prooves that you have to doodle when the pen is hot…or still warm…

  4. Jim says:

    Yeah, Rick, me too. I tend to go through doodle phases, the most recent being from 2003 until early this year, when I started to think about the blog concept. These days it seems the blog drains all my doodling interest.

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