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2 Responses to Today’s Gag

  1. Angela says:

    Long time lurker; first time commenter here…

    Each gag has that Sizemore look but is generally very different from the others, aside from the last two. I looked at this one and something seemed a little odd; so I went scrolling and remembered the Escargot Café one from earlier. On the outside they appear to be the same bar but upon closer inspection they are slightly different. This poses a couple of questions…one is whether this is the same place but from another side? Second thought, if not the same, I think we have a Trademark infringement issue here. Thirdly, I would bet that you use full caps in at least 90% of the gags; what inspired you to use small letters in this particular one?

    Just some random thoughts and impressions to ponder…

  2. Jim says:

    Good of you to step out of the shadows, Angela. I appreciate your comments—and the question.

    1. You have a sharp eye, the two store fronts are basically the same. All I did was “flop” the sketch and adjust the details. In the trade this is known as a “cartooning shortcut,” aka “being lazy.” In this case I placed the two images close together just to see if anyone would notice, and I’m glad you did. It’s nice to know that at least one person is paying attention. (My two sons are also pretty good at calling me out.)

    2. Since I hold the copyright on both cartoons, your second point is moot.

    3. Correct, most lettering within the panels is all caps, but once in a while it’s fun to mix caps and lowercase. It seemed to me the window lettering provided an opportunity to get fancy.

    This little back and forth has been fun, too. Thank you again and I hope from time to tim you’ll give me more random thoughts and impressions to ponder.

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