Fort McHenry

This is the first in a series of six posts featuring my photographs of the 2009 Patriot Day activities at Fort McHenry. The series will post Wednesdays through October 28, with a set of three images each time. Also on October 28th, a new Patriot Day page containing the complete set of eighteen photos will post. (Click images for larger views.)

Patriot Day I

September 12, 2009




Copyright © 2009 Jim Sizemore.

4 Responses to Fort McHenry

  1. shirley lupton says:

    Great photos, looking forward to the montage. Would love a narrative as well . . .

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks for the comment, Shirley. Glad you enjoyed the photos. I’ve decided to let the images speak for themselves because I want some parts of the blog to be purely visual. Not having a narrative is another way to encourage interactivity. If folks make specific requests for more information on a given image, or set of images, I’ll be happy to respond in detail. What would you like to know?

  3. Susan Middaugh says:

    I liked the colors, especially in the second photo. Would like to see the subjects doing something rather than posing for the camera.

  4. Jim says:

    It’s true that in many of the Fort McHenry photos the people are simply looking at the camera. (In this set that’s true of all three.) But I like that. The way I think of it is that they are doing more than just posing; they are connecting not with the camera but with the viewer, eye-to-eye. And the careful composition of the image is also doing something in terms of good design—shape/size relationships, etc. Also, whenever possible, I try to have something going on in the background to create more than one level of activity (e.g., the flag and fort behind the officers). Knowing that I actually think about this stuff, perhaps you’ll like some of the later images in the series better. In any case, Susan, I really like your comments because they give me an opportunity to explain (justify?) myself.

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