Lexington, Virginia

Main Street

Copyright © 2010 Jim Sizemore.

2 Responses to Lexington, Virginia

  1. Jacquie Roland says:

    Did you stop for dinner at the Southern Inn Restaurant, or just wander by taking pictures? (I’m not being nosey… it’s probably just time for me to break for lunch.) 🙂

  2. Jim says:

    Whenever I visit Lexington, VA, I make it a point to dine at least once at the Southern Inn because it’s one of the best, if not THE best, places in town for lunch or dinner. Because Lexington is a university town (Washington and Lee and the Virginia Military Institute) there’s a bunch of good places to eat. Another reason I love the Southern Inn is the neon sign. I’m a fan of neon, love them generally, the bigger and more gaudy the better. This sign is extra-special because by law it’s the only neon sign allowed in town and had to be “grandfathered” in by the historical convents now in effect. It’s been on Main Street since at least the 1040s, which was when I first saw it. In those days Southern Inn was just a regular small town restaurant, but for the last ten years or so It has been owned by a young gourmet-trained chef and his wife.

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