My New Mailbox . . .

Why It Makes Those Sounds

By Jacquie Roland

Today, for some reason, I decided to redo my mailbox. (As if I don’t have enough other stuff to do.) However . . . When I came in to get out of the heat and have a cool drink, my phone rang. Not unusual. Except that I couldn’t find it. I could hear it, but . . . Well, as it turns out—in a fit of artistic madness—I had epoxied my live phone into the assemblage. (The old phone had dropped out of sight behind my work table.) And now my good Ma Bell is glued into the sculpture. Forever. *sigh* I guess it will just have to keep ringing until the battery wears out.

Copyright © 2010 Jacquie Roland.

This post was adapted from an e-mail I received yesterday from my friend Jacquie, who, as you can see, keeps very VERY busy in upstate New York. This 3-D doodle was too good—and the story of its creation ‘way too funny—to keep to myself. Click images for larger views.

4 Responses to My New Mailbox . . .

  1. Brooke says:

    I had to laugh but that stinks! I do love your mailbox – very cool idea.

  2. Beautiful job on the mailbox, Jacquie. Funny story. However, I have to wonder (please forgive me) if this gives the phrase “Mail Call!” a whole new meaning?

  3. jacquie Roland says:

    Thank you both, it was very nice of you to comment on my nutty little DIY project.
    ( But if I keep doing these nutty things, I can give up on GETTING a call . . . male, mail, or otherwise. )
    * hears ringing from somewhere * They are going to put me away soon. *sigh*

  4. Jim says:

    Here are comments I’ve received from various folks via e-mail:

    “Love the mailboxes! I’ve seen some in my travels that I can share sometime.”

    “Loved the mailbox story. Hilarious. Do you think you could ask her to accidentally do that to (my husband’s) blackberry . . . ?”

    “Hilarious! Cracked me up!”

    “Cute story.”

    “That’s pretty funny.”

    “That’s a riot, Jim.”

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