Hip Shots

Flag Change

By Jim Sizemore

 (Click images for larger views.)

The “Hip Shots” series of Doodlemeister.com photographs will feature images that were grabbed “on the fly” with little or no regard for framing and focus. The object of the exercise is to create dynamic pictures, not perfect ones. With this ” shoot-from-the-hip” method the more frames  exposed, the better the chances are that you’ll come up with something interesting—a related series that can be arranged as a post. If you’d like additional tips for using the technique, or to submit your own pictures, drop a question or note in the “Leave a Comment” section, below. Meanwhile, click the “Hip Shots” tag above for more examples. And for another post in the series, check in next Friday.

Copyright © 2011 Jim Sizemore.

2 Responses to Hip Shots

  1. Shawn says:

    Great shots. A suggestion though, you may want to give a very brief description on shots like this so people might understand it a little better. Something like “When it is time to change the Flag at Ft. McHenry, visitors there at the time are asked to help with this important task.” It may make it a little more interesting to have a little background.

  2. Jim says:

    Hey Shawn, thanks for the comment. Really good advice and I’ll consider it. But what I’m trying to do with the Hip Shot series is let the images speak for themselves. I’m trying to avoid the ordinary and go for something unique, and that includes letting (challenging) the viewer to go deeper and figure some things out for him-or herself — to collaborate in the creative process and not just passively view the images. So the difficulty is part of the idea. As you know, on some of my other photography posts I do try to explain what I was trying to accomplish and even how I did it (think of my conventional South Baltimore pictures from the 70s). It’s nice to know you’re checking in on the blog from time-to-time and I really appreciate that you take the time to comment.

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