Mr. Hairpuppet Says:


Copyright © 2012 Jim Sizemore.

8 Responses to Mr. Hairpuppet Says:

  1. jacquie002 says:

    Both you, Mr. Hairpuppet and Mr. Lubitsch are bad, bad, bad. Spot on, but bad. LOL

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks for the comment, Ms. Jacquie. That’s the best I could do with a wad of Kleenex and some shower drain debris . . .

  3. jacquie002 says:

    “a wad of Kleenex and some shower drain debris” . . . *Gaaahk-Ka-Hack!* … pardon me Mr. Hairpuppet… I just coughed up Mr. Hairball.

  4. Jim says:

    Woha! That is sooooo funny . . . seems Mr. Hairpuppet is an inspiration for many of us like-minded (read weird-ish) folks. Thanks again, Jacquie.

  5. Jo-Ann says:

    Wouldn’t a well-dressed Mr. Hairpuppet be sporting a Christmas cap and little red bow tie?

  6. Jim says:

    Perhaps, if I can find the time to find them before next Tuesday . . .

  7. jacquie002 says:

    Ms. Jo-Ann is right… even those of us who have limited means should take into account the uplifting factor the festivities of the season engender, and dress accordingly. Mr. Hairpuppet IS/COULD BE an inspiration for us ALL at this time of year. There IS, however, a problem, in that Mr. Hairpuppet has made himself as presentable as possible with the materials he was given. (Truthfully, the thought of Mr. Jim showering in a little Christmas cap, and a little red bow tie in order to give Mr. Hairpuppet a new lease on life, is mind boggling and makes me want to do the Mr. Hairball dance, yet again.) ‘Just sayin’.

  8. Jim says:

    Well, ONE hardly knows HOW to respond . . . Goodness gracious . . .

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