Hip Shots


By Shawn Sizemore

(Click images for larger views.)




The “Hip Shots” series of photographs will feature images that were grabbed “on the fly,” with little or no regard for framing and focus. The object of the exercise is to create dynamic pictures, not perfect ones. With this ” shoot-from-the-hip” method, the more frames exposed, the better the chances are that you’ll come up with something interesting — a related series that may be arranged as a post. If you’d like additional tips for using the technique, or to submit your own images, drop a question or note in the “Leave a Comment” section, below. This feature will appear most Fridays.

Copyright © 2013 Shawn Sizemore.

2 Responses to Hip Shots

  1. Jo-Ann says:

    Does this mean you were at the big game, Shawn?!

  2. Shawn says:

    I so wish. Watched and stressed in the privacy of my living room. The gentlemen that has season tickets next to me was lucky enough to get tickets and said it was a blast in NOLA. I did take off for the parade and Vince and I went down.

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