Hip Shots


By Jo-Ann Pilardi

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The “Hip Shots” series of photographs will feature images that were grabbed “on the fly,” with little or no regard for framing and focus. The object of the exercise is to create dynamic pictures, not perfect ones. With this ” shoot-from-the-hip” method, the more frames exposed, the better the chances are that you’ll come up with something interesting — a related series that may be arranged as a post. If you’d like additional tips for using the technique, or to submit your own images, drop a question or note in the “Leave a Comment” section, below. This feature will appear most Fridays.

Copyright © 2013 Jo-Ann Pilardi.

16 Responses to Hip Shots

  1. Jo-Ann Pilardi says:

    FYI: these photos were taken on Belair Road last Saturday at a 100th anniversary march and rally commemorating a walk suffragists made from N.Y. to D.C. to demand the vote for women. They stopped in Overlea, Baltimore County. American women won the vote 7 years later, in 1920. For a full story on this event and the history behind it, check The Baltimore Brew.

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks for the very interesting post and comment, Jo-Ann. And speaking of anniversaries, in 1960 I was married in the Catholic church that can be seen in the upper left-hand corner of the first photograph. The sad news is we were divorced in 1967. But the good news is we shouldn’t have married in the first place — a youthful mistake that was happily resolved for all concerned . . .

  3. Jo-Ann says:

    That church is St. Michael the Archangel–victor over SATAN. Nothing like a bad marriage to remind one of Satan (she said, knowingly). . . . But the really good news is that you have two great sons from that marriage!

  4. Jim says:

    Excellent, Jo-Ann — I knew I could depend on you to fill in the Catholic details. And my two sons (the former Little Devils, now in their 50s), will be VERY pleased with your comment.

  5. Vince Sizemore says:

    Very Nice Jo-Ann. And by the way, Dad, I am not 50 yet — 5 more months . . .

  6. Jim says:

    Oh yes, Vince — I remember it well . . .

  7. Jo-Ann says:

    It’s a wise father that knows his own son–or is it a wise son that knows his own father?

  8. Jim says:

    Uh, let’s see . . . both?

  9. Jan Wilkotz says:

    It is a wise father that knows his own child.
    [1596 Shakespeare Merchant of Venice ii. ii. 69]
    and also I only laughed because you said you were Sir Geoffrey’s son. But no matter—’tis a wise child that knows his own father.
    [1823 Scott Peveril III. x.] (both from answers.com)

  10. Jo-Ann says:

    It is a wise friend that knows her Shakespeare. Thank you, Jan.

  11. Shawn says:

    Both Vince and I were baptized in that church. It is also there that I was forced to say confession in CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine), since we didn’t go on Saturday Night. So I did the only thing I could, I lied . . . 🙂

  12. Jim says:

    Right, Shawn, and thanks for reminding me. It’s an historic site. I think we should have a family plaque made to post on the corner of St. Michael the Archangel . . .

  13. Jo-Ann says:

    Shawn and Vince were baptized in the best circumstances. Why? (Here’s another Roman Catholic theology note.) During a Catholic baptism, the priest casts out Satan. What better place than in St. Michael the Archangel’s church?! — The relevant quote (I just googled it):
    “Almighty and ever-living God, you sent your only Son into the world to cast out the power of Satan, spirit of evil, to rescue man from the kingdom of darkness, and bring him into the splendor of your kingdom of light.”
    Which brings us back to the need for feminist marches: to “rescue man from the kingdom of darkness”: SEXISM.

  14. Jim says:

    Thanks, Jo-Ann, for the theological back-story, and for getting us back to the point of the images . . . AND taking advantage of a perfect “teaching moment.”

  15. jacquie002 says:

    We’ve mentioned Suffrage, suffering, sexism, marriage, anniversaries, divorce, birthdays, boys, aging, angels, Shakespeare, Satan, the Church, Overlea and Venice. Pretty good, Jo-Ann. Ah, the power of photography, even on an ADD type like me. *ooooh, pretty!* 🙂

  16. Jo-Ann says:

    Jacquie, thanks for that remarkable catalogue. I’d say this whole thread is ADD–and that’s a Good Thing!

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