Windshield Views

By Catherine Bruce

I made these photographs during a drive from Twin Falls, Idaho, to Salt Lake City. The scenery along the base of the Wasatch mountains is pleasing—not winding-mountain-road-spectacular—but picturesque. The countryside until now has been surprisingly unspoiled. But on this trip I noticed that development along the road was increasing rapidly and decided it might be my last chance to get some good photos.

Click images for larger views.






lzcathiecamera2Catherine Bruce is a mostly-retired software developer who gave up film photography when she claims she stopped improving.  When recently persuaded her that it’s not necessary to agonize in advance over what the photos will look like, she became more interested in snapping pictures with her digital camera.  She still has a weakness for symmetry and order, but is working on developing a “hip-shot” mentality.

Copyright © 2014 Catherine Bruce.

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