Modern Art?

By Catherine Bruce

Sometimes I grab a shot of something just because I like the color or there’s something vaguely appealing about it.  I’m hoping that the thing together with it’s context will make an interesting photo.  Often it doesn’t, and I find I have a picture I can’t do anything with.  But I still like the part of the picture that attracted me in the first place.  I came up with these pictures because I wanted to have some fun and salvage the interesting parts of uninteresting pictures.  I called them “Modern Art” because eliminating the context of a photo often makes it “non-representational”— or even incomprehensible—which in modern art is sometimes considered a good thing.

Click images for larger views.









lzcathiecamera2Catherine Bruce is a mostly-retired software developer who gave up film photography when she claims she stopped improving.  When persuaded her that it’s not necessary to agonize in advance over what the photos will look like, she became more interested in snapping pictures with her digital camera.  She still has a weakness for symmetry and order, but is working on developing a “hip-shot” mentality.

Copyright © 2014 Catherine Bruce.

One Response to Modern Art?

  1. Jo-Ann says:

    Strikingly beautiful photos, Catherine. Each one so different from the others.

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