Today’s Graphic


The FedEx logo is famous among graphic designers. It has won buckets of design awards and has been ranked by some experts as one of the best logo designs in the last 35 years—or as some claim—ever. Nearly every design school professor and graphic designer will praise it as such, and some will then try to draw you into a discussion about its clever use of negative space. Many, though—like me at one time—want to display their design knowledge. But I’ve reformed. Now I only brag about my honesty; about how, until someone pointed it out, I had failed to notice the directional arrow created naturally by the relationship of two of the letters. How about you, do you see it?

2 Responses to Today’s Graphic

  1. Sheila (Sizemore) Steele says:

    I never noticed the “hidden” arrow until about four years ago, when the daughter of my best friend pointed it out to us. Now when a FedEx truck goes by, it’s the first thing I see!

  2. Jim says:

    As I say in the blurb, Sheila, I was shocked and disappointed that my “graphic eye” had failed me in that case. And thanks for your confession, too. I know how sharp you eye usually is . . .

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