Today’s Quote

From Mirages: The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaîs Nin 1939-1947

Edited by Paul Herron

Nin2“Every book I wrote has brought me new friends, new realms, opened new houses, new experiences. The imagination brings forth personages which lie in the obscure regions of our being. They come to the surface, take form, appear in the book. And then the answering personage appears. I am sure when (D. H.) Lawrence wrote Lady Chatterley that Lady Chatterley appeared. When I wrote about Lawrence, Henry (Miller) appeared, who was to represent the Sun for me, expansion and fertility. That is my own interest in writing, not to make a name, not to be exposed in libraries, or celebrated after death, but to create life, immediate life around me. I cannot go into new lives without my books. They are my boat and sail, my passport and map, my compass and telescope.”

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