Hip Shots

Baltimore Sports Icons

By Jim Sizemore

(Click images to enlarge.)




The “Hip Shots” series feature images that were grabbed “on the fly” with little regard for framing and focus. This group of photo-murals were pasted in strips on the sides of huge corn syrup storage tanks in Locust Point. You can view them up close from the Under Armor campus.

Copyright © 2018 Jim Sizemore.

3 Responses to Hip Shots

  1. Florence says:

    What captivating, thought-provoking images! I keep wondering how you got them. There must be murals (?) on a convex surface (?) somewhere in there.

  2. Jim says:

    Convex indeed! They are photo-murals which where pasted in strips on huge corn syrup storage tanks. You can see them up close from the Under Armor campus in Locust Point. After you and Howard and me have lunch, I’ll be your guide . . .

  3. Jo-Ann Pilardi says:

    They really are amazing. At first I thought they were just video projections and couldn’t figure out how you captured them so well.

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