Based On Real People

February 27, 2013

This is an edited re-post from June 20, 2008

My Sunday “Lonely Guy” activity is to read the New York Times and watch C-Span 2 Book TV, muted. If I glance something interesting on the screen — Christopher Hitchens, say, ranting about why we should be in Iraq — I may bring up the sound. That seldom happens. Most Sundays, only the rustle of newsprint is heard in my living room. Sometimes, though, the thing on TV that catches my eye is the shape of a nose, or a hairstyle, or an odd mouth and I feel a powerful urge to draw it — and the rest of the head. So I open my sketchbook, select a soft pencil from the coffee mug on the table by my chair, and set out to prove once again that I’m not only the world’s worst caricaturist, but should also get a medal for being the slowest. Of course, the nice thing about sketching talking heads on TV is they hold still for long periods, which means I can take all the time I need to get it wrong.

I have no idea why I doodled all that stuff on the sides, or wrote “The Other End” at the bottom, but I do enjoy making those little “drop” shadows under the letters. The thing that drives me mad, though, is that I have no memory of who most of the people are. (Memo to self: Keep better sketchbook notes). All I know for sure is that these folks appeared on C-Span 2 sometime in December, 2006. Also, I’m pretty sure the guy on the top left is a well-known newsman, one of the Kalb brothers, but which one? And the blond woman near the bottom of the left column is an expert on world religions. Interesting face, and I loved the informed talk she gave (I have the sound up while I sketch). Of course, all this assumes that I managed a passing likeness of at least those two.

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Scenic Graffiti II

October 27, 2010

Around this time of year I’m usually in the mountains of Virginia, on the way to visit relatives in my hometown near the West Virginia line. And this season, on two-lane Rt. 32 West, which runs through Goshen Pass on the way to Warm Springs, Virginia, I pulled off as I always do at the nearly waist-high stone wall overlooking the Maury River, some 80 feet below. The view is beautiful but, as I said in last year’s post, it’s hard to photograph scenic images without resorting to visual cliché, so when I visit this spot I like to foreground the graffiti on the wall. New scribbles are added all the time and an update is in order—same place, one year later, but with fresh doodling. And you’ll notice in the last image this year I had photographic competition. (But wait, is the lady focusing on the graffiti, or the fallen leaves—or her foot?)

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The Head Doodler

July 26, 2010

My New Mailbox . . .

July 22, 2010

Why It Makes Those Sounds

By Jacquie Roland

Today, for some reason, I decided to redo my mailbox. (As if I don’t have enough other stuff to do.) However . . . When I came in to get out of the heat and have a cool drink, my phone rang. Not unusual. Except that I couldn’t find it. I could hear it, but . . . Well, as it turns out—in a fit of artistic madness—I had epoxied my live phone into the assemblage. (The old phone had dropped out of sight behind my work table.) And now my good Ma Bell is glued into the sculpture. Forever. *sigh* I guess it will just have to keep ringing until the battery wears out.

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This post was adapted from an e-mail I received yesterday from my friend Jacquie, who, as you can see, keeps very VERY busy in upstate New York. This 3-D doodle was too good—and the story of its creation ‘way too funny—to keep to myself. Click images for larger views.

What Doodle?

June 25, 2010

Doodle Music

July 23, 2009


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Quilt Doodle #25

May 16, 2009


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Doodle Music

April 28, 2009


The Lubitsch Doodle

March 2, 2009


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Mad Doodler #7

November 3, 2008

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